Laboratory testing service

The Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross has laboratory inspection services also known as a laboratory investigation or for short lab test. A lab test can include blood tests, DNA tests (DNA), urine tests, fecal examination and infection tests by doctors and medical technicians who are experts in each field. Laboratory examinations are used to help with the following ;

  • Help confirm diagnostics
  • Help determine diagnosis
  • Help assess treatment methods and side effects from the treatment
  • Help in tracking diseases
  • Help assess patient health

The indication for a need in laboratory tests is the patient’s symptoms, their medical history, physical examination results and / or by the request of a doctor. Chulalongkorn Hospital provides laboratory tests to enable comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of patient symptoms. With modern medical tools and science.

For more information, please contact

  1. Radiology Services, Building 4, Telephone 02 256 5370
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination services Abbhantripaja Building Phone 02 256 4595
    • CT scan service Chula Chakrabongse Building Phone 02 256 4160
    • Breast X-ray Inspection Service Vongvanij Building 2nd Floor Phone 02 256 4259
    • Nuclear medicine examination service Posayanon Building 3rd Floor Phone 02 256 4283-4
    • Radiotherapy and Oncology services Department of Radiology Phone 02 256 4100
  2. Laboratory Medicine, Phor Por Ror Building 4th Floor Phone 02 256 5382
  3. Microbiological Examination Phor Por Ror Building 4th Floor Phone 02 256 5374
  4. Chromosome and nervous tissue examination, Department of Anatomy Building Phone 02 256 4281
  5. Parasitology examination Phor Por Ror Building 4th Floor Phone 02 256 5386
  6. Toxicology and DNA Testing นิติเวชศาสตร์ Building 2nd and 4th Floor ชั้น2 และ4 Phone 02 256 4269 Ext. 202
  7. Pathological biopsy Aor Por Ror Building 1st Floor, Phone 02 256 4000 Ext. 3510