Annual Health Examination Program.

Program 1:  For those aged 35 and older, Price 1,180 baht

This program is a detailed physical examination to support the physical change of age, suitable for people aged 35 and over and for the elders. The program is as follows:

  1.     FBS blood glucose test.
  2.     Liver function tests AST, ALT, ALP.
  3.     Kidney function test, BUN, Cr.
  4.     Blood lipid checker CHO, TG, HDL.
  5.     Uric acid test.
  6.     Complete blood count CBC.
  7.     Chest X-Ray.
  8.     ECG EKG.
  9.     Urine examination.
  10.     Health consultation with physicians.
  11.     A health examination report book ( for an individual).

Program 2 for those aged under 35 years, Price 410 baht

This program is a health check-up program covering general risk factors to people aged under 35 years old.

  1.     Complete blood count CBC.
  2.     Urine examination.
  3.     Chest X-Ray.
  4.     Health consultation with physicians.

In addition, other specific physical examination programs are also available as follows:

  • Blood group check (160 baht).
  • Detecting bad cholesterol LDL – Cholesterol (150 baht).
  • Sugar accumulation test HbA1C (150 baht).
  • Thyroid hormone level test, FT4, FT3, TSH (600 baht).
  • Anti-HAV IgG autoimmune virus test (500 baht).
  • Hepatitis B virus examination HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc (540 baht).
  • Anti-HCV Hepatitis C virus infection test (300 baht).
  • Anti-HIV infection test (140 baht).
  • Syphilis testing, VDRL (50 baht).
  • Colorectal cancer screening CEA (300 baht).
  • Liver cancer indicator AFP (270 baht).
  • Prostate cancer screening indicator PSA (300 baht).
  • Stool Examination (250 baht).

How to use the services.

  • For those who have no medication history with King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, after contacting the automatic service kiosk, please contact the ‘New Patient’ counter at floor G, Bhor Por Ror Building by filling in the green form with your name and address, attaching your ID card for the new patient file. Then please contact the counters 8 – 13 for a patient card for a further medical health check-up appointment.
  • For those who have a hospital ID card, please fill in the yellow form at floor G,  Bhor Por Ror Building. For those who have a medical appointment, please contact the medication prevention department directly on floor 16, Bhor Por Ror Building, attaching your hospital ID card.
  • For those who come for a health examination, please contact the medicine prevention department directly, with your hospital card at floor 16, Bhor Por Ror Building.


Preparation for a Health Check-Up.

For those who come for a health check-up, they should rest for at least 8 hours before the day to refrain from abnormal results especially blood pressure, heartbeat, and physical temperature.  No alcohol before the health check-up and most importantly, normal daily behavior should be continued for the most accurate results and best medical diagnosis.  There are also other preparations for the health check-up as follows:


  • Blood test: No food or beverages (except water) from 20.00 hrs. the night before the examination day for those who come for blood sugar and a blood lipid test.
  • Urine test:  Wash hands. Clean the reproductive organs before collecting urine in the morning before the health examination.  Please dispose of the first stream of urine before collecting the mid-urine at approximately a ½ sample bottle (tightly closed).

           ** Women who are on menstruation should postpone the appointment for at least 3 days or please inform the staff if a health check-up service is required.

  • Stool examination:   Collect the stool in the morning about ¼ of a container (about the thumb size) on the day of the examination.
  • Lung X-ray:

           ** Ladies: Please change for a health check-up uniform and remove necklaces and bra for a clear Lung X-ray result.


  • For pregnant women, x-ray tests are prohibited.
  • For men, the shirt and necklaces should be removed.