Shops and Food Centers

All through King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Thai Red Cross, there are various food courts, restaurants and shops with many varieties of food : Thai food, International food, Vegetarian food and Halal food. The list of shops, their location and details are available as follows:

The Chula community shops are located at the back of the Vajirunhis Building, where dining places and relaxing corners are provided. There are 4 food kiosk stores:  2 lunch box restaurants, beverage stores, snack and dessert shops. Each shop in the Chula community is meticulously selected to provide the best quality to customers, variety of product and gourmets’ choices guaranteed. Moreover, they are all fresh, clean and hygienic following the hospital standards.


These Chula community shops were initiated by the policy of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Thai Red Cross, with the objective to increase food and beverage service points all through the various buildings. It also aims to facilitate a sufficient food supply to meet the customers’ needs in the hospital including patients, patients’ relatives and the public visiting. The Chula community shops offer ready-to-eat meals, enabling customers the best convenience in the shortest time.  Furthermore, a compact air-conditioned dining room located along the walkway of Sor Kor building is also provided for everyone.



There are two entrances to the Chula community shops:  The first is behind the Vachirunhis building, close to the Puff & Pie shop, and the other is behind the Vachirunhis building, at the walkway to Sor Kor building. The Chula community shops are open daily from 05.30 – 16.00 hrs.


The 4 shops available in the Chula community are as follows:

Snack, Beverage and Dessert Shop by Nuk-Nak

Rice Noodle and Lunch Box Shop by Pisamai

Drink Shop by Caffe Milanese

Food Box Shop