Doctor Appointment

Chulalongkorn Hospital provided testing and treatment for patients and is categorized as follows

Out-Patient-Department : OPD are patients that receive treatment and does not require overnight stay at the hospital. 

In-Patient-Department : IPD are patients that have been diagnosed by a doctor and required overnight stay at the hospital. 

Additional details of the diagnosis and preparation for treatment as follows

For patients seeking services or a diagnosis from a specialized doctor from Chulalongkorn hospital must follow the procedures detailed below


For patients who have previously registered with the hospital


  1. Patients turn up to the appointment at the time and date scheduled, whilst bring your appointment card
  2. Patients without an appointment and would like treatment within the hospital working hours. Prepare your ID card, Patient card and Come to pick up the queue card from the hospital at 05.30 hrs. In front of the ภปร Building
  3. Patients without an appointment and seek treatment outside of standard government working hours (with a specialized clinic) can schedule an appointment one day in advance by calling the following numbers 02 256 5045, 02 256 5046, 02 256 5166, 02 256 5175, 02 256 5193



  1. Patients that have not been registered with the Chulalongkorn hospital before must prepare previous treatment documents as well as a list of medicine that was issued. 
  2. Appointments will be closed once the quoted is reached 
  3. In case of a patient does not show up on the appointed date and time (Come before or after the appointment And without symptoms) its recommend to come on the same day and time to see the same doctor

Outpatient services from Chulalongkorn Hospital and The Thai Red Cross, that are opening to the general public as follows:


  • Outpatient treatment
  • Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Maternity (mother and baby)
  • Bone disease and rehabilitation
  • Adult and Child Psychiatry
  • Specialist Examinations and testing
  • Specialized clinic for diagnosis or treatment


Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital provides theses service to former patients, Patients without treatment history and would like to be treated at Chulalongkorn Hospital and all types of emergency patients. Patient categories as follows

  • General Patients
  • Patients using social security 
  • Patients with the 30 baht health insurance or other hospitals
  • Hospital employees 
  • Members of the Faculty of Medicine


Outpatients are split into 3 categories as follows


  1. General Practitioner clinic
    Available to the general public within the standard working hours: Monday-Friday from 08.00-16.00 hrs. If the patient does not have an appointment the patient may use a general treatment card from 07.00-11.00 hrs. (or 10.00 hrs. In some clinics). Queue cards will be available at 05:30 am in front of the ภปร building and may close before standard times once the quote is full.

  2. Specialist Clinic out of government hours
    Providing services to the general public. Outside the day and time of service: Monday-Friday from 16:30 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday from 08.00-12.00 hrs.

  3. Emergency Examination Room
    Opening hours: Everyday 24 hours


The inpatient care department at Chulalongkorn Hospital and Thai Red Cross provides services for patients seeking emergency care and have been screened and diagnosed by doctors to confirm necessary treatment at the hospital and as well as patients with appointments for treatment or surgery (Electivecase) following the patient’s treatment plan and various departments such as orthopedic surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Radiology, and Internal Medicine-Pediatrics as well as patients being transferred from other hospitals (Refer)



Criteria for hospitalization

For convenience and overall service, patients admitted to the Chulalongkorn Hospital should be prepared by preparing the following

  1. Preparation before hospitalization
  2. Documentation needed to receive treatment
  3. Patient rights
  4. Room types and pricing

For more information about staying at the hospital and treatment 

  1. Outpatient public relations Phone number 02 256 5487
  2. Outside working hour clinics Phone Number 02 256 5045, 02 256 5046, 02 256 5166, 02 256 5175, 02 256 5193-4 
  3. Patient Admission center Phone 02 256 4345, 4341, 4378, 4216
  4. Chulalongkorn Hospital Phone Number 02 256 4000 Fax 02 256 5017