Body and Organ Donations

The Endless good deed is the body and organ donation after passing away.

The donation of bodies and organs is essential for medical services and studies.

Organ Donations is to give a viable organ for an organ transplant procedure to a terminally ill patient suffering from malfunction organs. The patient may receive an organ from the donor or the next of kin or relatives.


Organ Donation is a great merit and is the greatest giving. It saves lives and gives them opportunity to have a quality life and continue their lives with their family and their love ones.

Organ Donations

The Donor make merits by being a giver and save lives

One donor can save up to 8 lives.


Frequently asked questions

Q: what is the difference between body donation and organ donation?



Organ donation Body donation
1. Organ Donation is to donate parts of body for patients who need
organ transplant.
1. Body Donation is to donate an entire body for anatomical studies as known as “Cadaver”
2. The donor has died in a mal-function of brain condition only
(except one kidney, liver, bone marrow etc. can donate as living donor)
2. The donor has died from natural cause and all organs intact.
3. After the organ removal for patients, the remain of the body is prepared and take back for a funeral. 3. The authority is informed after the donor has passed away within 24 hours , After 2 years of anatomical studies and research, the medical committee will provide a funeral.
4. Those who wish to make body donation from all across Thailand can contact the Division of Body Donation, Thai Red Cross Society, Provincial Thai Red Cross, and provincial Hospital. 4. If you wish to donate please contact us at Faculty of Medicine in any University, each place has different qualifications standard.


Q: Who can be a donor?

A: Qualifications of donors

  1. The donor must be under 65 years of age.
  2. The donor has died from cerebral death.
  3. The donor must be free from infectious disease and cancer.
  4. The donor does not have any chronic diseases such as heart conditions, kidney disorder, hypertensive or alcoholism.
  5. The organ to be donated must be fully functional.
  6. The donor must have no diseases that can be transmitted through organ transplants e.g. hepatitis-B, AIDS.
  7. The donor must inform his/her family members or relatives of the donation


Q: Why​ do​ you​ have​ to​ inform​ your​ family​ about​ organ​ donation?

A: To​ state​ intention of organ donation can be done by yourself ​, but​ you​ should​ inform​ your​ family​ because​ when​ you​ have​ passed away​ an​d​ your​ organs are​ viable to​ donate.​ Your​ next​  of​ kin​ will​ have​ to​ sign​ consent​ form or​ inform​ the​ Thai​ Red​ Cross, body​ donation​ Bureau  if​ the​  next​ of​ kin​ refuse​ to​ ​sign​ consent​form​ then​ it​ becomes null & void


Contact information and funding

If you have any inquiries about organ donation Please contact  

  • Somdej Phra Yanna Sangworn building, the Division of Body Donation, Thai Red Cross Society 5th floor, Henry Dunant road, Prathumwan, Bangkok 10330
    Call Center: 1666


Make donation to fund Organ donation procedure via

  • Bank Transfer Saving account “Organ donation center Thai Red Cross” Thai Commercial Bank, Surawong branch, Account number 023-008166-5


It is a greatest giving to give the patient a new life, to be able to see their family and love ones and give back to society after.


For those who wish to make an Eye Donation, one can fill the intention form while still alive. The Red Cross Eye Bank will organize the transplant for the patient when the time comes.


The process of eyes donation

  1. Eyes donation can be donated in any gender and age over  2 years old, please express your intention at
  2. Once the donor fills the intention form, you will receive donor ID card, the donor should inform family members and keep the card accessible.
  3. If the donor’s next of kin wish to make eyes donation, please call the Red Cross Eye bank immediately at 081 902 5938, 081 836 4927 , available 24 hours. 

Once a person is dead, his/her eyes will deteriorate and decay just like any other organs. This explains why it is very important for the eyes to be stored as soon as possible-within 6 -8 hours.


Contact information and funding

If you have any inquiries about Eye donation Please contact

  • Eye Bank, Thai Red Cross,
    Contact numbers: 02  256 4039-40

Make donation to fund Eye donation procedure by

  • Bank Transfer Saving account “Eye Bank Thai Red Cross” Thai Commercial Bank, Thai Red cross society branch, Account number 045-231390-2





Body donation for medical studies brings many benefits in terms of education, health care, and morality, which will lead to future social development. Medical personnel, especially in the field of medical research studies, need to learn from human bodies in order to receive important guidelines for treating patients in the future.

The benefits of studies on donated bodies are obvious in many areas such as:

    1. Medical students’ education
    2. Medical research
    3. Medical technician students’ education
    4. Medical treatment
    1. Specialists’ education
    2. The establishment of anatomy museums




Those who wish to make body donations for studies, there are details and instructions to be able to preserve the body as much as possible. Find more information per the links below


Those who wish to make body donations for studies please do the following

  1. Bring ID card to register body donation
  2. Fill the intention form directly at Sala Tintad or Anatomical Division, Phaetthayaphat Building 11th floor and Chula Soft Cadavar Surgical Training Center, Phaetthayaphat Building 4th floor. One will receive Donor ID card within 10 minutes or post the intention form enclose in  the envelope with  name, address and stamp; mail it to Body Donation Division at Sala Tintad, The King Chulalongkorn Hospital. One will receive the donor ID Card in 1-2 months.
  3. Once the intention form has been notified, one should inform husband, wife or relatives. Therefore the family members can acknowledge the instructions after the donor has died. 

Frequency Questions

Q: I want to donate my body for studies, where do I contact?

A: You can contact

  1. Sala Tintad, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross SocietyOperating hours Weekday  8am – 3pm
    Weekend   8am-2pm
    Contact Number  02 256 5079
  2. Anatomical Division, Phaetthayaphat Building 11th floor and Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Training Center, Phaetthayaphat Building 4th floor, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
  3. The Faculty of medicine, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital ,Operating hours Weekday  8am – 3pm

    Or place you wish online, click here


Q: What is the qualification for the donor?

A: The donor must be at least 20 years old. Those who are under 20 years old must have a written consent from their parents/guardians. The hospital will not accept bodies in the following cases  such as: AIDS, Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, Rabies etc. The donor is involved in a court case


Q: What document do I need to become body donor?

A: Only copy of ID card or Government Officer Identification card


Find the frequency Questions at “Frequency questions about body donation for education


Contact Information and Funding

  • Sala Tuntad, Contact Number 02 256 5079
  • Anatomical Division, Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Training Center, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
    Contact Number  02  256 4281 ext  1405 , 02  256 4737

Please help fund the Cadavar for Medical studies

  • Make donation for Thai Red Cross Society “ Thai Red Cross Funding” Thai Commercial Bank, Thai Red cross society branch, Account number 045-288000-6
  • Please Notify the purpose of funding as “the Cadavar for Medical studies, Anatomical Division”