Toxicity Testing and DNA Examination.

Forensic Serology and DNA Examination. 

The Forensic Serology and DNA Unit of the Department of Forensic Science, Chulalongkorn Hospital / The Department of Forensic Science and the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, provides testing to determine biological relatives such as parents, children, siblings, and extended family. The results can be used as evidence in legal trials. 

Adapted for medical use to treat patients that have gone through a bone marrow transplant, by finding similarities between patients and the donor through DNA fingerprints. The results of the examination can help assess the patient’s condition after the procedure and then plan for further medical treatment.

Testing criteria and documentation used in genetic DNA testing by the Forensic Serology and DNA examination unit and additional paperwork that is needed (original). 

  1. National ID card or passport. 
  2. The birth certificate of the child, with mother’s name on the birth certificate. 
  3. House registration for patients under the age of 20 years old. Additional documents that must be brought in the following cases. 
  4. Official documents from the Immigration Police for patients requesting residency in Thailand. 
  5. Official documents from the Civil registration. In the case of no ID card or the name doesn’t match the ID card, birth certificate or passport. 

Note : 

  1. Patients undergoing testing must be older than 2 months. 
  2. In cases that the patient is under 20 years of age, the mother of the client must give consent for the examination. 
  3. The format of the examination is considered at the discretion of the service provider. 

Services and rates. 

1. Proof of Parental Relationship (Autosomal DNA)

5,000 Baht/Person

2. Proof of Father-Child relationship (Y-Chromosome DNA)

11,000 Baht/Person

3. Proof of Maternal Relationship (Mitochondrial DNA)

13,000 Baht/Person

4. DNA testing for organ transplantation

5,000 Baht/Person

For more information about DNA testing please contact:

Bhor Por Ror Building, 5th Floor
Tel: 02 256 5329, 02 256 5332
Business hour:

Toxicity and Drug testing. 

The Forensic Toxicology Unit of the department of Forensic science, Chulalongkorn Hospital / Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University provides analytical services for medical drugs, narcotics, and toxins from various samples to produce qualitative and quantitative analysis. 


  1. In case of urgent results other than the resultant reporting period liaise with the operating room. 
  2. The lab receives samples on a Friday, or the day before a public holiday no later than 14.00 hrs. 


The Toxicology Laboratory, H.M. King Ananda Mahidol Building, 11th Floor
Tel. 02 256 4000 Ext. 3574 from 09.00 – 15.00 hrs.