Radiation Oncology Therapy Service

Radiation oncology therapy is one of many other treatments for cancer such as radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. Different from chemotherapy, radiation therapy precisely targets high doses of radiation to selected cancer cells and minimizes the risk of radiation exposure to the neighboring healthy tissue. The process therefore is well received and considered a better treatment for brain metastatic cancer patients than any other processes.

Radiation oncology therapy has 2 main categories;

  1. External beam radiation therapy or Teletherapy where the patient is treated with an external source of high intensity X-Ray.
  2. Internal radiotherapy or Brachytherapy where the patient is directly injected with a radioisotope to treat localized cancer.



Examination Process.

  1. Each session of radiotherapy lasts 5-15 minutes. Assuming the position and traction accessories and positioning the session will last 10-40 minutes. The therapist will assist and guide the patient throughout the session.
  2. During the radiotherapy, the patient will not feel any pain or skin burn. The patient can directly converse with the therapist in the control room through a microphone and speaker. In the case of an abnormal incident, the therapist can pause the radiotherapy and immediately assist the patient.
  3. During the radiotherapy, the therapist will schedule a weekly check up to assess for side effects, instruct post-therapy direction and answer the patient’s and relatives’ inquiries.
  1. After the therapy is completed, the patient must keep track with the follow-up which requires blood testing and other diagnoses to report to other related doctors. The follow-up lasts 2-3 years for an effective treatment and for the best benefit to the patient. 


For more information regarding Radiation Oncology Therapy, please contact;

Radiation Oncology Therapy Unit, Radiology Department,

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