Snack, Beverage and Dessert Shop by Nuk-Nak

For those who like sweetness, would like to find a light meal to enjoy or a  snack, The Beverage and Dessert Shop by Nuk-Nak is a good option. They offer desserts, sweets and snacks. Thai-dessert lovers will be especially impressed as varieties of  Thai desserts are well-selected to delight both patients and visitors, e.g. sweetened taro, sugar coated sweet potato, sweetened banana, pumpkin and white-egg custard, Thai Custard Cake, Thai pudding with water chestnut, Thai egg cake, Toddy palm cake and Coconut pudding. Light snacks are also offered such as Tapioca balls with pork filling, Steamed rice dumplings, Dumpling, Steamed buns or Sandwiches. Ice smoothies for a reasonable price are also served at the shop. It is guaranteed as “ Delicious, good for your health and worth  tasting and enjoying ”


Discounts and Special Offers

 Location and service time

Snack, Beverage and Dessert Shop by Nuk-Nak is located at Chulalongkorn Community (at the back of Vajirunis Building) , King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Opening Hours: Open daily from 05.30 to 16.00 hrs.