Breast X-Ray Examination Service.

A Breast X-Ray or Mammogram is a breast cancer examination which is widely accepted to be the most effective process. A Mammogram involves a minimum dose of radiation to scan the detail of the breast tissue. The scan efficiently detects the earliest stage of cancer even when the tumor is impalpable. Patients with other breast symptoms such as a palpable lump, abnormal nipple discharge or breast pain will also benefit from a mammogram examination.


Breast cancer is a common disease in women. You can properly do a self assessment for abnormality starting as early as 20 years of age. Women over 40 years old and women who have the following symptoms who are prone to breast cancer, should receive a yearly assessment from 35 years of age.


Breast cancer risk factor.

  1. Women whose direct relatives have breast cancer such as their mother, sister or grandmother should start the assessment at 35 years of age or 10 years prior to the age of the particular relative with breast cancer.
  2. Women who regularly receive hormonal treatment.
  3. Women with a history of having breast cancer.
  4. Women with a previous biopsy and diagnosed with a related risk factor.



  1. Avoid applying body powder and spray on the breast, chest and armpits since the chemical resembles limestone which is similar to the abnormalities found in a breast cancer mammography and would obstruct the examination.
  2. Proper duration for the scan is 7-14 days after menstruation.


Examination Process.

  1. The patient will be scanned in 2 standard positions and other positions necessary to each individual.
  2. During the scan, the patients have to remain still. The breasts are to be compressed by the machine for approximately 5 seconds each. The patient should relax to prevent pain from the pressure and for the completion of the mammography. During the scan, the staff will help guide to the correct  position.
  3. The patient will receive the ultrasound scan result within 15-20 minutes.
  4. In case of emergency, the patient can request for the official scan results or opt for a scheduled hearing with the doctor.


For more information regarding Mammograms, please contact;

Breast Diagnosis Unit, Radiology Department,

Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross

Call 02 256 4259