Radiological examination service. 

Radiological examination is a specialized medical field that utilizes X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Beta Rays, Ultrasound, and Electromagnetic waves to help map out the different parts of the body for more precise diagnostics and treatment. The medical department of Radiology at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is divided into 3 main departments which are; 

1. Radiotherapy and Oncology which uses radiation to diagnose and treat cancer and certain non-cancerous diseases such as tumors or vascular complications by using high energy radiation directly into the cancerous cells. This process has minimal effect on the surrounding tissues and is considered one of the most popular ways of treating many types of cancers, especially cancers that have spread to the brain and require high accuracy.

2. Nuclear medicine uses a liquid radioactive substance called “radioactive mineral water” to help diagnose and treat patients through an injection, ingestion or inhaling. One of the advantages is that it can be examined on a molecular level, which is the smallest unit within the body. Therefore it is recommended when diagnosing bone diseases and Thyroid gland issues.

3. Diagnostic radiology, commonly known as the X-ray, is used to help create internal images of the body for treatment and diagnosis. With both regular X-ray examination, CT-scan or non-X-rays such as electromagnetic waves (MRI), ultrasound, etc. It is used to diagnose organ-specific diseases such as in the lungs, abdomen, liver, etc.

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