Pathology Examination

The Department of Pathology at Chulalongkorn Hospital and The Thai Red Cross have opened the pathological laboratories and have prepared a manual for relevant medical personnel to use as a reference in collecting and sending specimens correctly according to academic protocols and fitting for the patient’s history which is an essential factor for analysis, prognosis, and follow up treatments. The manual also explains the procedures for sending specimens, sample preparation that follows the regulations and criteria for rejected specimens and others related to the services of the department of pathology. These rules help ensure efficient and systematic services while helping to prevent errors that may occur in the reporting process.

The types of service provided by the pathology department include;

  1. Surgical pathology.
  2. Cytopathology.
  3. Intraoperative Diagnosis/ Frozen Section.
  4. Electron Microscopy.
  5. Special Stain, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Technique.
  6. Autopsy.
  7. Consultation.
  8. Fast Track Service.

Inquire on pathological tests

For further contact, specimen collection methods and additional examination criteria, please check the “Pathological Delivery Manual“.