Department of Information Technology

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

Service development to Digital Hospital

The information technology department is a department of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, under Deputy Director of Information. Its main roles and responsibilities are:

  1. Information system development and information services for Hospital personnel, administrators, patients / contractors and external organizations to expand to a 24-hour service all through the hospital.
  2. Data storing and managed to be reliable, standard, risk reduced and secure.
  3. Ability to use information and information systems in patient care, education administration, and efficient quality development.  

Moreover, the information technology department also develops many projects to provide assistance and service within the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

1. High Technology Information System (HIS) to develop medical care system such as:

  • Smart Kiosk to support quicker queue reduction and doctor appointments, to improve time management on the scanning  process  and to check details of patients’ medical rights within this single device.
  • Scanning system development to systematically file the documents of medical care. 

2. Computer system development such as fiber optics and a UTP system with hardware and software for data security.

3. Wireless Access Point installing all through the buildings in the hospital.

4. Website and intranet development in the hospital such as an organ donation system and recruiting system.

5. Data Access and Data security policy making for Hardware, Software and the computer network.


We are moving forward with ethics, effectiveness and sustainability.


  1. To maintain 24-hour preparedness of the information system.
  2. To manage a reliable, standard, secure and confidential data system.
  3. To manage a standard data security of information system.
  4. To be the information center about the information System.
  5. To provide data service to management, personnel, patients and external organizations.
  6. To install and support an information system all through the hospital.
  7. To develop an effective information system, medical care information, and quality development.
  8. To develop an effective information system of nursing work and supporting work.

Structure and Sub-units

There are 6 units in the Information Technology Department.

  1. HIS unit.
  2. Website and back office unit.
  3. Main server and supporting server unit.
  4. Data security unit.
  5. Database management unit.
  6. Support and service unit.


The Information Technology Department is a support team of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital with its main responsibilities on continuously developing and maintaining information systems in accordance with the Department’s philosophy to “Develop a standard of service to be the digital hospital for customer satisfaction over the hospital’s information system”. 

Service time and location

Weekdays, 08.00 – 16.00 hrs.  
24 Hour service for HIS.
Parking Building 3, 14th Floor



Information Technology Department,
Parking Building 3, 14th Floor


02 649 4000 Ext. 3236, 3237
02 256 5463