The Snack Shop by Tree H

The Snack Shop by Tree H, notably popular by its adorable atmosphere and modern and simple interior design. It offers organic cereal ice cream made of almond milk as the main ingredient, which can be created into various flavors of ice-cream such as chocolate and pecan, almond milk mixed with nuts and sesame, etc.

More than 10 flavors of ice-cream are available in the shop which have less sugar so you can enjoy Tree H ice-cream without feeling guilty. There are also some  suitable for those who are allergic to dairy and gluten products. In addition, the Snack Shop by Tree H also sells canned organic tea leaves for you to enjoy the quality tea beverage. There is also homemade baking with a free heating service for a sense of fresh and warm taste with every bite.   

Discounts and Special Offers

Location and Service Times

The Snack Shop by Tree H is located on the 7th floor of  Bhumisirimangalanusorn Building, adjacent to the walkway to the Excellence Center building, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Opening hours: Open Monday-Friday from 06.30 to 18.00 hrs.