Computer X-Ray Examination Service (CT SCAN).

Computer X-Ray Diagnosis (CT SCAN).


CT Scan or Computer Tomography is a type of body scan using computer x-ray to detect abnormalities in a specific body area such as cancer detection in the abdomen cavity or a brain scan. The machine emits radiation from X-ray tubes to circle around the organ into the opposite detector and measure the amount of radiation which is absorbed through the patient’s body to evaluate the density of the diagnosed organ and interpret it into electrical signals which are then transformed into an image by the computer system. The information collected by the computer is analyzed and separated into thin, transverse images allowing the doctors to see internally into the structure and the abnormalities of the organ which are clearer than other types of generic X-Ray images. CT Scan images can be in 3D or other planes of images to allow a more accurate diagnosis.



  1. Nothing orally 6 hours prior to the examination.
  2. Please immediately notify the staff on scheduling or before the examination if the patient is prone to have the following cases, 
  1. The patient must have recent creatinine results within 3 months prior to the examination.
  2. For upper and lower abdomen cavity examination, the patient is advised to drink contrast media fluid to coat the intestine prior to the process.


Examination Process.


For more information regarding CT Scan, please contact:

The Radiology Diagnosis Administration Unit,

2nd Floor, Bhumisirimangalanusorn Building,

Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross.

Call 02 256 4000 Ext. 80201, 80202


Or to schedule an examination at 14th Floor Building;

Call 02 256 4778

Monday-Friday 8.00-16.00

(Except official holidays)


Or contact After-Hours Clinic, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross.

Monday-Friday 16.00-22.00

Saturday 08.00–16.00