General clinics

General clinics are clinics that provide patient services during office hours, from Monday-Friday from 08.00-16.00, which can be divided into the general clinic, surgery clinic and specialized clinics as follows

General Practitioner Clinics 

1st Floor Por Por Lor building, only accepting patients above the age of 15 years old. 

  1. General Clinic Accepting new and old patients and patients sent from other departments appointments only. Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 08.00 to 16.00
  2. Heart Disease Clinic Accepting heart disease patients with appointment cards Opening Hours: Tuesday and Thursday (afternoon) from 08.00 to 16.00
  3. Gastrointestinal Disease Clinic Accepting patients with gastrointestinal diseases, appointment cards Service hours: Monday (afternoon) from 08.00-16.00
  4. Defibrillator Clinic Accepting patients to wear a pacemaker Opening Hours: The 1st and 4th Thursday of every month Time: 08.00-16.00
  5. Metabolic Clinic, accepting metabolic patients with an appointment card. Opening Hours: Thursday (afternoon) 08.00-16.00
  6. Colon Cancer Screening Clinic appointments only. Opening Hours: Wednesday (Afternoon) Time 08.00-16.00 น.
  7. Chronic enteritis clinic
  8. Constipation disease clinic

Dermatology Clinic, Phor Por Lor Building, 14th Floor, General examination, chronic skin diseases, Lung examination, Infectious disease and laser testing room * Laser clinic services cannot be reimbursed.

Orthopedic examination and rehabilitation clinic, Por Por Lorbuilding 5th floor, General orthopedic examination, pediatric orthopaedic examination, hand examination room, arthroplasty room, Sports Medicine Clinic, Rehabilitation Clinic, Accepting only patients with appointments or transferred for further testing. For the diabetic foot clinic is only accepting patients with an appointment.

* Urgent cases with cast problems including tightness, swollen or pale, can be contacted at this clinic as well. *

General Surgery and Specialist Surgery Clinic

Phor Por Lor  Building 6 Floor

General patients 

  1. General Surgery Clinic for male and female patients over 15 years old Opening Hours: Monday – Friday Time 08-16.00
  2. Colorectal Surgery Clinic and the Artificial Bowel Sphincter opening Hours: Monday – Friday Time 08-12.00
  3. Obesity surgery clinic for patients aged 19-65 years, weighs over 100kg or has a BMI over 35 and must be treated through surgery, can schedule an appointment and can be processed without having to go through a standard outpatient procedure. Opening Hours: Monday time 08-12.00
  4. Plastic Surgery Clinic (corrective surgery appointment only) Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday time 08-12.00

Patient Appointment Only Clinics 

  1. Trauma surgery Opening Hours: Thursday Time 08-16.00
  2. Endoscope Room Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday Time 08:00-12:00
  3. Breast and vascular surgery clinic Opening Hours: Thursday Time 08:00-12:00
  4. Neurosurgery Clinic Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday Time 08:00-12:00
  5. Thoracic and Heart Surgery Clinic Opening Hours: Tuesday and Thursday Time 08-12.00
  6. Urology Surgery, Endoscopy room Urodynamic and gallstone breakdown center
    Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday Time 08-12.00.
  7. Neurologic examination of the pelvic floor Working Hours: Wednesday Time 08-16.00
  8. Pediatric urinary tract clinic. Working Hours: Tuesday Time 08-16.00.
  9. Fertility Clinic (and erectile dysfunction) appointments can be made every day.
    Working Hours: Thursday Time 08-16.00


Specialist Clinics

Gynecology and Family Planning, 7th Floor Phor Por Lor Building 

  1. Gynecology Gynecological disease center provides treatment for women 2 weeks after giving birth and has experienced complications. Women with reproductive disorders from birth to no menopause. Cervical cancer screening, Pregnant women who are experiencing complications whilst pregnant and are in a critical condition themselves or their child and require to terminate the pregnancy.
  2. Specialized clinic Endoscopic clinic for cervical cancer diagnosis Women’s Cancer Molar pregnancy/Hydatidiform mole Clinic And the menopause clinic
  3. Family Planning Clinic

Antenatal care, Por Por Lor Building, 8th floor, antenatal clinic, fertility clinic, Fetal heart examination Pregnancy Immune Deficiency Clinic Urology Gynecology Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic Phor Por Lor Building, 9th Floor, Pediatric patients with physical and mental conditions. For newborn – 15 years general medicine and surgery. Patients must have a hospital transfer form from another hospital to receive specialist medical examination specialist 

Otolaryngology,Phor Por Lor 10th Floor, Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus, Allergy, Otolaryngology (Disorders of the Inner Ear, Organ, Balancing issues), Cosmetic Surgery and Facial Enhancement Clinic Sleep Disorders Clinic, Snoring Clinic, Acupuncture and Pain Therapy Clinic Hearing clinic, speech training clinic

Ophthalmology, Floor 11 Building, patients with vision problems or eye health examination, glasses and LASIK surgery 

Adult and Child Psychiatry, Phor Por Lor Building 12th floor, For patients with an advance appointment, previous patients with psychiatric problems before the appointment date or if the patient’s medication runs out, Patients who want to stop drinking, smoking, and substance abuse. New patients over the age of 15 years old who are anxious or worried have family problems, schooling, or clear psychiatric symptoms like hallucinations etc.