Food Box Shop

The Food Box Shop offers a variety of savory dishes. For those who love Rice Noodles (Khanom Jeen), this shop is a must for its various kinds of Rice Noodle dishes such as Rice noodle and curry in rich coconut and Rice noodle with clear-soup curry milk. All are cooked daily and guaranteed to be a reasonable price. 

Furthermore, Food Box Shop also offers vegetarian food, lunch boxes, pork snacks, shredded crispy pork, and ready-to-eat dishes.The best seller is Fried rice with stir-fried mackerel and sweet basil topping with fried egg for only 35 baht per set.

For those who enjoy Southern Thai seasoned rice, Food Box Shop also offers this at 40 baht per set. The list of Ready-to-eat dishes are circulated weekly and freshly made to serve every day, so it’s freshly-cooked taste and  quality are ensured. Priced from 30 baht to 40 baht only.

Location and service time

Food Box Shop is located at Chulalongkorn Community (at the back of Vajirunis Building), King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Opening hours: Open daily from 05.30 to 16.00 hrs.