Family Medicine Department

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

Leading as the role model of quality
and virtuous Primary care medicine.

The King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is operated by the Thai Red Cross Society. Its mission focuses on the continuous development of medical services aiming for a good quality of life, which covers the provision of medical services, rehabilitation, disease prevention, excellent health promotion, along with becoming a learning organization for research and academic development.

Under the health insurance policy, family medicine is a significant strength for the public health system in Thailand, taking a role in holistic care which includes individuals, family, and at the community level. It also focuses on providing great health care services and the prevention of diseases and illnesses, in order to meet the requirements of the health service system in Thailand.

In 2015, a government policy was announced to form a Family Care Team to provide health services to the people. The current constitution of 2017 clearly specified in the national reform section concerning health care “Must have a primary care system in which the Family Medicine Dept provides appropriate health services for the people”.

The Family Medicine department is the primary unit responsible for the family medicine section of the hospital. The mission focuses on providing holistic care services regarding the Family Medicine guidelines for the people. In addition, it emphasizes the development of primary care systems in order to maximize its efficiency and become a role model of quality primary care.

Apart from providing medical services according to the Family Medicine guidelines, the Family Medicine department of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is also responsible for the training to produce family medicine specialists in response to the requirements of the health service system of Thailand.


  1. Becoming a leading primary care center with both quality and morality.
  2. Providing holistic care services which are continuously being developed.
  3. Producing quality graduates and medical specialists for society.
  4. Supporting research, training, and academic services.
  5. Streamlined and uncorrupt organization management along with personnel development.


  1. To focus on holistic primary care which provides an efficient service and approaches to the community.
  2. To achieve excellent Family Medicine teaching and training.
  3. To be used as a modern academic reference source as well as to produce new medical knowledge research.

Structure or Sub-unit

  1. Health Education, Information Media and Health Promotion.
    • Health Promotion Clinic
    • Quit-Smoking for Good Health Clinic (13th Floor, Bhor Por Ror Building)
  2. Home Health Care Unit. 
  3. General Administrative Office (Administration).


  1. Providing primary care, including appropriately and on time referral of the patients.
  2. Providing health promotion and disease prevention services, which covers health care according to family medicine guidelines.
  3. Providing out-patient and Home Health Care services.
  4. Training and academic services: a higher graduate diploma program in clinical medical sciences in family medicine (updated 2019).
  5. Training and academic services: resident physicians training in Family Medicine.
  6. Training and academic services: medical curriculum.
  7. Training and academic services: Nursing science program, Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing.
  8. Providing other personnel medical training and academic services.

Dr. Sumeth Poonachote
Head of Family Medicine Department

Doctors, Residents, and Medical personnel

Services provided by sub-units

1. Health Education, Information Media and Health Promotion

  • Providing treatments and health promotion services in health promotion clinics; including obese, overweight, metabolic disease patients, plus the personnel/staff who have found metabolic diseases through health check-ups, infectious disease personnel who run the stores within the area of hospital and the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Providing treatments for smoking addicts at the Quit-smoking for Good Health clinic (Bhor Por Ror Building, 13th Floor), and consultations for patients from different departments both in-patient and out-patient. The application can be submitted at the clinic and via a google form.
  • Managing the exhibition booth and campaigns to educate people in health promotion, including the World No Tobacco Day campaign, Mother’s Day on 12th August, Father’s Day on 5th December and the annual Red Cross Fair.
  • Publicizing the health promotion knowledge through Facebook, YouTube, and brochures.

2. Home Health Care Unit

  • Continuing care with the Public Health Center 55 and Public Health Center 16, every Monday and Thursday.
  • Continuing care with the Thai Red Cross Society Volunteer Office, every Wednesday.

3. General Administrative Office (Administration)

  • Supporting the teaching and learning for the medical students and resident physicians.
  • Supporting medical and academic services within the department.
  • Arranging documents for personnel, supplies, durable goods, artwork and quality development.
  • Managing projects and activities within the department and hospital.
  • Preparing annual budget reports and collect the results of the personnel evaluation within the department.

Service Time and Location:

Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 16.00 hrs.
Lim Si Lan Building



Family Medicine


02 256 5389, 02 256 5005



Health Education, Information Media and Health Promotion. 


02 256 4950 , 02 256 4115


Home Health Care Unit.     


02 256 4191


Administrative Office.


02 256 5389 , 02 256 5005