Body Donation for studies Handbook, The King Chulalongkorn Hospital

Regulation, Instruction and Body Donation  Procedure

Read a Full “ Body Donation  Procedure”

Advice for Body Donation

During operating hours please contact

Tel:02-256-4281, 02-256-4628, 02-256-4685, 02-252-7028 ext 0 or 4

After hours contact Mortuary, The King Chulalongkorn hospital Tel: 083-829-9917


Advice about collect the body

Mr.Prawit Apinundham Tel: 081-612-6036

Mr.Darungrit Sawangnetr Tel: 081-889-9842

Mr.Thanarak Khuntanarak Tel: 084-144-3505


The hospital will provide ambulance and staff to collect the donor’s body in Bangkok and 100 kms vicinity. If the donor’s body is farther than 100 kms, the hospital will suggest the mortuary nearby or keep the body in refrigerated repository or place at least 2 ice bags on abdomen and cover with blanket then bring the body to anatomical department 

Please read “Methods of receiving body donation”  full version 

Find details and more information about Body donation for studies, Download forms, place your intention at official website of the Anatomical Division, Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Training Center, or The Thai Red Cross official website